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    Southern Minnesota Volleyball

2014-2015 SMV Teams

The SMV Manual outlines all of the policies and procedures of the club.
The Payment Options outlines fees and payments for the 2014 season.

Below are the Power Point Presentations given to the Gold, Maroon, and Black Teams at the beginning of the season:

Meet the Coaches:



Amber Zitzow
18-1 Black Head Coach

Volleyball/Coaching Experience:
I am currently the Head Volleyball Coach at Rochester Community and Technical College Yellowjackets. I have served as an assistant coach with the Yellowjackets since 2009. I have diverse coaching experiences at the college and high school levels at St. Charles, Mayo, and Wabasha-Kellogg. I have been very involved in Junior Olympic volleyball at many age levels. I am also the RYVA Volley Tot and Mini Volleyball Director. This is my 3rd Season with SMV. 

I am a RYVA coach because:
I enjoy coaching SMV: I have a strong passion for the sport and enjoy teaching and coaching volleyball. I view volleyball coaching as team instruction as well as individual skill improvement. I love the application of sports tactics and strategies during the game but also, more importantly, nurturing athletes to grow and reach their full potential. I believe that you need to create a positive environment where athletes feel that they have independence and decision-making capabilities. My goal here at SMV is to create a fun and exciting environment, and winning will then come.


Rich Anderson
18-1 Black Assistant Coach 

Volleyball/Coaching Experience:

I am a RYVA coach because:


Deb Hegerle

16-1 Head Coach  

Volleyball/Coaching Experience: I played volleyball at Osseo High School and the University of Minnesota – 4 years. I was one of the original 6 founders of MVI Camps
and played many years with USVBA. My coaching experience includes B-Squad Coach – Wayzata HS, Varsity Coach – Cretin Derham Hall HS, Northern Lights – 16-1’s, 18-1’s (6 years), and 9th Grade Coach – Kasson Mantorville HS. This is my 9th season with SMV and I’ve enjoyed working with all the great people and promoting VB in SE Minnesota.

I am a RYVA coach because:I love working with young ladies, not only on the court teaching them the game, but also the off court time when I can get to know them on a personal level. I enjoy watching the hard work in practice pay off when a team plays together and succeeds…which is not always measured by wins. I enjoy the conflicts that arise amongst members of a team because that’s an opportunity to help them learn how to deal with conflict which is a part of everyday life.


Tori Brech

Volleyball/Coaching Experience:  I played varsity volleyball at Century High School for three years.  I played volleyball For SMV from 2003-2008.  I enjoyed being an athlete for SMV so much that when I moved back from attending school at UND I decided to join the caching staff.  I coached my first year for a 12 gold team, which I enjoyed. This year I am assisting the 16-1's and I am looking forward to the challenge of coaching a higher level.

I am a RYVA coach because:   I love the sport of volleyball. I still enjoy playing the game and passing down my knowledge of the game. I enjoy seeing the improvements in a player and a team throughout the season. I enjoyed playing for the club for many years and I hope to pass on the love of the game to other young women.


Alecia Stewart

Volleyball/Coaching Experience:  Coached the RYVA fall 7th grade team.

I am a RYVA coach because:   I began playing volleyball at the age of 13. I played club volleyball (SMV and Northern Lights), high school volleyball at Century High School, and Division II volleyball in Memphis, TN (Christian Brothers University) all four years of undergrad. Now as a coach, I enjoy seeing the game of volleyball from a different perspective. Watching the girls improve skills and learn how to trust and support each other as a team are a just a few things examples of why I love coaching. This will be my fourth year as a coach but my first year coaching for SMV. I am ecstatic to be reunited with SMV as a coach because this club started me on my wonderful journey of volleyball.



Haley Lenz

Volleyball/Coaching Experience:  Assisted with the Volleytots and Miniball RYVA programs.

I am a RYVA coach because:   I have played since the age of 10.  I was on varsity all 4 years of high school. I am currently playing volleyball for Rochester Community and Technical College.  I love coaching because I love the sport of volleyball and helping other athletes become better players.

Emily Buehler


Emily Buehler

Volleyball/Coaching Experience:  Originally from Zumbrota-Mazeppa High School, I played four years of varsity Volleyball (and Basketball) at the University of Saint Thomas in Saint Paul, where I made the MIAC All-Conference Team my junior and senior year, as well as the Co-SIDA All-District Academic Team my senior year, and served as co-captain my senior year. Served as an assistant coach at the University of Saint Thomas for the 2005 and 2006 seasons, as the head varsity coach at Edina High School in 2008 and 2009, and as the Director of the Edina Volleyball Association for the 2009-2010 season. I have coached JO volleyball at several levels and have directed camps for girls ages 6 through 18.

I am a RYVA coach because:   I coach volleyball because there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a group of young people work hard towards a common goal. I love the sport, but even more so, I love to see young women compete, pick themselves up after a mistake, constantly strive to improve, and get stronger both physically and mentally. And it is just a lot of fun. Dang...let's get on the court!



Amber Dunagan

Volleyball/Coaching Experience:  Assisted with the Volleytots and Miniball RYVA programs.

I am a RYVA coach because:   I have been playing volleyball since fifth grade. I was in Southern Minnesota Volleyball eighth grade through eleventh grade. I have been lucky to have the experience of helping with volleyball programs for ages K-7 and I loved it! It's so exciting to watch little children play a sport that I am so passionate about. I am looking forward to this off-season and helping the girls get more involved in the sport and understand it much better.


Greg Herbert 

Volleyball/Coaching Experience:  I have been playing volleyball for around 20+ years and began playing after I got burned out playing and coaching hockey. In the past I have coached Lourdes 7-8th grade volleyball teams as well as the fall RYVA 8th grade teams.  This is my nineth year coaching with SMV/RYVA primarily as the Head Coach or Assistant Coach for the 14-1's. 

I am a RYVA coach because:   I love volleyball and coaching…To the point that even though my daughter is now done with her high school and JO volleyball career, I continue to coach. The reward for me is seeing the players that I have coached in the past play every fall for their respective school teams and succeed both on an individual and team level. Volleyball at RYVA has made such a positive impact on so many girls and I am so proud to be a continuing part of it.

Sam Henley

Sam Hanley
12-1 Head Coach 

Volleyball/Coaching Experience:  Started coaching for Dejo (Dover Eyota juniors).  Coached one team for  two years then coached two teams the following two years. Two years ago I began coaching with SMV as the SMV 18-2s Assistant Coach.  I was a Volunteer assistant at MVI camps with Aaron Nelson (Head coach at university of Upper Iowa).  This season I accepted the 9th grade coaching position at Dover Eyota High School.  

I am a RYVA coach because: I enjoy working with young players, hopefully giving them tools they can use later in life.  My one mission statement would have to be ALL OUT, ALL THE TIME. As a teammate you owe that to you and your team.



Molly Orte

Volleyball/Coaching Experience:

I am a RYVA coach because:

Brian Lund


Brian Lund
14-1 Head Coach 

Volleyball/Coaching Experience:  I have been playing volleyball around 25 years and am still an active player in the USAV.  I have also been a member of the Minnesota State High School Coaches Association for 17 years. I have coached at various levels of High School volleyball for the last 16 years. The first 7 years at John Marshall (1 year as a volunteer, 2 years Junior Varsity and 4 years Varsity) and then Lourdes for 9 years (1 year of 9th grade, 1 year of 10th grade and 7 as the Varsity coach) During my time at Lourdes we ran 4-6th and 7-8th grade camps. This year was my first year working with the Rochester Youth Volleyball 7th/8th grade program. It is my 5th year with SMV and 4th with the 12-1 group. I am looking forward to another great year . 

I am a RYVA coach because: I am a RYVA coach because: I really enjoy teaching and coaching volleyball. It never gets old to see players advance their skills and confidence over the course of the season. That makes all the time and effort well worth it.

Kaitlyn Johnson


Kaitlyn Johnson

Volleyball/Coaching Experience:   This is my first year coaching and I am very excited to be given this wonderful opportunity. I graduated Coon Rapids high school in 2007 and had the privilege of completing multiple seasons there. After high school I then continued my studies at Winona State University participating in multiple co-ed and all womens volleyball teams. I have experience in both the setting and defensive specialist positions and have a passion for both.  

I am a RYVA coach because:  I LOVE the sport of volleyball. I also enjoy opportunities that give me a way of educating young individuals and helping them learn team building while having fun. I believe volleyball is a wonderful sport that can be played at a variety of levels and ages. I believe it is a sport that brings people together and creates friendships and team building. I am looking forward to working hard and having fun with my team and learning excellent coaching techniques!


Sherry Looker
14-2 Head Coach

Volleyball/Coaching Experience: Hi my name is Sherry Looker. I have coached at SMV for 10 seasons at the 14's 15's, 17's level, with some 12's experience as well. I have always had a passion for sports, especially volleyball and
basketball, playing both during high school, college, and a major portion of my adult life. My oldest daughter got me interested in coaching back when she was in 6th grade.  She played in the USYVL which was a beginner's volleyball league.  Parents were welcome to join in, learn the basics and develop a sound fundamental instructor perspective of the game.  I then began to be involved in Rochester Youth Volleyball the same year in the winter.  Again the scenario was similar, we have kids, we could sure use some parents to help with the programs. So under leadership of Bob Koerner and Randy Ayshford, I gained experience as a coach for 12's and then I settled into coaching the 14's for the past 7
years. The game of volleyball has transitioned into a game of positions, defensive and offensive strategies.  There has been Olympic and European and Japanese influence into much of our game as it is played today.  It is incredible and so exciting to watch professional and aggressive volleyball from 14 years old and up thru the ranks, to college and Olympic volleyball. As I was out there in my early years as a coach, I was inspired to learn more of the game today to become a better coach, so I have a rather sophisticated library, and have attended many volleyball clinics regionally, including clinics by Dennis Amundsen(ex Gopher setter coach,
and Twins pitching coach), Pat Powers(Olympian player), and Walt Weavers MVI clinic in Apple Valley.  My aspirations are to continue teaching the game of volleyball, and keep learning.

I am a RYVA coach because: As I continue to grow as a coach, I realize that there is more than one way to do it, and be successful at most volleyball skills, and when you watch others play or watch others coach, you can gain an appreciation for all the unique ways.  So as a coach, it is so important to be open-minded, to enjoy doing what you do, to like the players, and be yourself, and hopefully impart some of your wisdom and leadership skills onto them, as well as role modeling. Over the years, I did coach both my daughters, but of the years coaching, I have had more teams where neither of my girls played on my team.  I felt fulfilled to be able to accomplish teaching young lady athletes about the game of volleyball and about life lessons.  It's not always winning, but how you played the game, or being honest on that call, paying attention reffing or doing the scorebook, representing your team, your town, and your club are more important.  It's also not always about winning, but sometimes about losing gracefully. Coaching is challenging when you have a full time job.  My full time job is working with cancer patients and giving chemotherapy.  There it is about life or death. The days are fulfilling at work as well. So sometimes I come to volleyball to get away from my work, to have an
outlet, to exercise, to just be me, outside of work. Volleyball has provided that for me. Also, I have some of the nicest friends through our club.  It's an awesome thing to have coaches that are experiencing the same sort of issues as yourself, or the ups and downs that go with coaching. So if you ask me why I coach, it's because I love it, I love the girls,
the gym, the lessons that you learn every day to be a better person.  

Glenn Huntoon


Jessie Mason

Volleyball/Coaching Experience: 

I am a RYVA coach because:  

Jose Torres


Jose Torres

Volleyball/Coaching Experience:  First year coaching with SMV.

I am a RYVA coach because:   I've always liked volleyball, and our daughter has done several volleyball clinics.  She also played for the Kellogg team this past year. I look forward to assisting this year and seeing the teams grow, learn and have fun.



Sara Herrick

Volleyball/Coaching Experience:  I began coaching volleyball when I was in high school.   I assisted and coached 5th-8th graders each spring. After college, I coached 7th grade volleyball for Byron. Most recently, I have been coaching a coed team of 7th and 8th graders at Rochester Central Lutheran School.  My first season there was in 2008 and I hope to continue coaching there until both my sons have graduated. My first year of coaching for SMV was the 2012-13 season.  I’m excited for this upcoming season!

I am a RYVA coach because:   Volleyball is fun! The season at RCLS is so short and I was excited to extend my coaching season by joining SMV.  I love coaching the young players and helping them to perfect their skills. They learn so much in the course of a season and it’s fun to watch them grow.  By joining SMV, I have also grown. Volleyball has changed since the years I played. I have learned a lot of new strategies for coaching and continue to gain a greater understanding of the game.

Samantha Sobolik


Samantha Sobolik

Volleyball/Coaching Experience:

I am a RYVA coach because:



Yvonne VanOort
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Volleyball/Coaching Experience:  Originally from Germany, I started playing volleyball at age 10, played semi-pro volleyball during my high school years and after finishing high school I moved to Minnesota to play for the Gophers. I started getting into the personal training business when we lived in Burnsville, wanting to teach clients and high school athletes how to lead healthier and stronger lives. After our move to Mantorville in 2012, I started coaching the KoMets JV team, so I now have the 2nd year of coaching volleyball under my belt.

I am a RYVA coach because:   I love combining my volleyball knowledge with the aspect of strength and conditioning. Both are important factors of being an athlete and give girls confidence that they can perform at their very best at all times. Trying to prevent injuries is another reason why I like teaching girls about lifting and paying attention to proper form, may it be in practice, during games or in the weight room.